Elect Margie Rice for Mayor of Westminster on  November 8, 2016

Overview of Accomplishments

In the past, has been my privilege and honor to serve as your Mayor. Currently, I continue to serve our city as a council member.

If elected as Mayor, I will use my experience to help the city achieve a balanced budget and reduce our deficit. During my previous terms as Mayor, our city water systems have been upgraded, miles of city streets, curbs and gutters have been repaired. New medians were constructed on Bolsa Avenue and on Westminster Boulevard from Beach Boulevard to Edwards Street and will be completed between Springdale and Bolsa Chica. We built affordable housing for seniors and families. Our senior citizen services are the finest in Orange County. The long-anticipated Community Center and Coastline College are finished.

An aggressive economic development program has improved Westminster’s business climate and outdated codes are being revised.

During my next term as Mayor, I will continue to:

  • Support local police, fire and paramedic services.
  • Hold the line against any new city taxes without the Vote of the people
  • Bring tax dollars back to Westminster for street and infrastructure improvements
  • Promote a business-friendly environment
  • Seek a provider to build a 24-hour emergency medical facility
  • Support our seniors and youth

As a “hands on” Mayor, I work closely with citizens and local business to improve the quality of life for all Westminster residents. Call me personally with questions and suggestions. My home number is 714-893-1732.

We Need

Experience. Leadership. Growth. Margie.

Strengthening Westminster ensures progress for tomorrow. Our city faces financial challenges and we must have a vision and a plan of action to achieve results. Please allow me to serve as your MAYOR and use my experience to serve our beautiful City of Westminster.


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Volunteer to help me become Mayor of Westminster.

Your help is needed with signs, phone calls, flyers and getting people to vote!

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