Elect Margie Rice for Mayor of Westminster on  November 8, 2016

We are Upgrading our Infrastructure

  • Repaired 100 street sections and parkways, with even more slated for repair this year.
  • Installed 147 new Bus Shelters at no cost to taxpayers that bring in franchise fees to fund street repairs.
  • Public Works received $2 million in outside grant money.
  • Established empowerment zone and brought millions of dollars in infrastructure money to the city.

We Need

Experience. Leadership. Growth. Margie.

Strengthening Westminster ensures progress for tomorrow. Our city faces financial challenges and we must have a vision and a plan of action to achieve results. Please allow me to serve as your MAYOR and use my experience to serve our beautiful City of Westminster.


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Volunteer to help me become Mayor of Westminster.

Your help is needed with signs, phone calls, flyers and getting people to vote!

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